I've heard a lot of issues with the iPods' batteries. I realize this won't work with the original model (nor the new Minis), but if you've got a dock, what's the issue?

The Belkin Battery Pac keeps the music playing by letting you power your iPod device with replaceable batteries - even when your internal battery is drained. ... The Battery Pack uses four standard 'AA' alkaline batteries that you can simply replace when the charge is gone.

$59, one time. Then AA's forever.

I've heard similar complaints about the Game Boy Advance SP, which doesn't use standard batteries, and hope something like this comes out relatively soon for it as well.

This seems like a barely related entry until you think of what it means when it comes to standards. Hey, proprietary is great when it doesn't incur extra cost to the customer. But as soon as you've got tie in, I've got a problem with you. The best job security should be given to those whose work is good enough they don't require any. Make code that anyone can access, extend, maintain and you'll find, more often than not, you're the one doing it (which, in this context, is a good thing).

That said, I just ordered The Psychology of Computer Programming from AbeBooks for $10, to see what's what with egoless programming. Pubbed in 1971 originally, no less. Sheesh.