My Powerbook 1400 (the "hobby" box) has had a lot of trouble since I've upgraded the processor. Could be any number of things going wrong, not the least suspicious is the hard drive. So I decided to back all 775 megs of it (wow! ;^D) up onto my iMac.

Now that's still a decent amount of data, and when you need to preserve the Mac specific resource fork (each file has two "forks", the traditional "data fork" (on Linux & Windows, that's all there is) and the resource fork that gets lost over plain jane ftp, etc), that means one thing -- Appletalk. And I'm networking the PB1400 with an 802.11b PCMCIA card. I wasn't hopeful.

Turns out, an hour later, everything over from PB1400 to iMac, no problem at all! I've been impressed with Appletalk since its inception. It's a rock solid networking protocol, and I've never had an issue with Apple's excellent implementations of it, from OS 6 on up, iirc. (WinNT, otoh...) Glad to see it's still supported in OS X. Now, to drop yet MORE hours into this danged 1400.