When I read something like this:

I am trying to format a single column in my DataGrid (seems like a trivial thing, but holy crap nothing's trivial with a DataGrid).

... it pains me to say that Windows.Forms has started moving over towards Sun's Swing rather than towards a better version of UIs under VB6. Models are great in Ivory Tower land, but really should have a [possibly parallel] easier implementation written for conceptually easy hacks like this.

And yes, I know I've said I hate the DataGrid. That's in ASP.NET. As I've said before, MS has hardly done for web programmers coming to stand-alones what it's done for VB6 hackers coming to the web. My html tables don't help much in an exe, so here goes. Basically I'm trying to see if there's ever a time that a DataGrid would be practical in a real-world app, and the only thing I can see is its ability to easily overlay a DataSet and provide a quick GUI. So far, not impressed.