Ah yes, I did want to blog this as well, just for the heck of it. (Becoming right bloggeriffic again lately.)

For all the people whining about how Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2) won't run the recently released Safari 1.2 or the latest versions of Mail.app and iChat AV (iChatAV without paying $30 for it, at any rate), stop. You sound like babies (and I have as well on this blog once or twice). Look, we (as in I'm running 10.2 and have no plans to upgrade now) did get the security updates, and what else do you really need?

You can run OmniWeb if you need a Mac-only browser, or you might do yourself a favor and check out Mozilla Firebird, which lets you type in the first few letters of a link on a page, hit return, and start browsing without bothering with the mouse (other features that non-programmers might enjoy also included). You might try Adium for instant messaging or Fire, which spellcheck and can run MSN messenger along side your AIM session. You have alternatives to Apple's software, and very very good ones.

No, you don't get Java 1.4.2, and that annoys me a little, but I'd rather Apple release it for those who really need it and are willing to pay to upgrade than not at all.

And heck, you can still run the new iLife '04.

What the heck are you complaining about?