Just to take away this fellow's Googlewhack, let me say that where I work was just hit by the "Deleting orphan file record segment" gremlin today. Fun. A drive stopped responding, the box was bounced, and I noticed that it wasn't back up several minutes later. Checked the screen in the "server room" and "deleting orphan file record segment 12345" was going down the screen, increasing segment number with each line.

After than were a couple of messages about repairing a minor problem in file 5 & 11, then indexes for the files getting blasted. Super. I cut the power and rebooted. Drive gave the same error message that it was giving before the boot and automatic scandisk invocation. Fun fun fun.

Looks like the files are gone. Almost luckly, it was our backup drive, so nothing's down, we didn't lose much of archival importance, and we're ready to grab another drive, slap it in there, and fix it. I guess.