I'm a pretty big fan (as any routinue freakinname readers lament) of immediately addressing small issues when programming, from smacking a reference in the log to changing the initial size of a form. It's important to spew out whatever quick insight you have -- providing it doesn't drop you from "the zone".

So, in the above example, I'm starting up a pretty sizable VB.NET app and I'm debugging some ADO.NET code. I think while it's starting that what I've got for the initial form's size is currently too big for 800x600, a fairly reasonable screen resolution, not just from a hardware standpoint, but also by virture of the fact that some people "like everything on the screen to be big".

I could keep tracking down my current issue and make a mental note to set the size later, but my best bet is to quit the app, drop back into the GUI RAD, and make the change now.

Obviously if you think of a two-hour, much less two-day, change, that's probably best placed on a TODO list -- even if it's just a TODO comment in your code. But address the insight immediately in any event. That's valuable info, and though I'd likely remember to change the Form size later, some more minute ideas can drop off the mental note list and get lost if you don't do something now.

More uninivited didacticism from freakinname. You're welcome. ;^)