Right on the heels of my rant on Diebold not writing its own OS, I come to find out parts of the Windows 2000 source have been released. From that same Washingtonpost article, I particularly enjoyed this quote:

Unlike open-source software like the widely used Linux operating system, the code comprising Microsoft's Windows software is not open for public inspection. Linux users are encouraged to participate in an open, continuous cycle of modifications and upgrades that its proponents say results in systems that are more secure and reliable than those powered by proprietary code like Windows.

Stated in such a way to retain fairly unbiased reporting, yet interesting to see how Linux is being portrayed in the mainstream press. If you can't keep your source completely secret (which includes the constant bombarding that allows people to find flaws in Windows), why not just give up? It's a brilliant move that Linux has passively discovered, and it's finally getting the traction in our collective consciousness that it deserves.