I'm not sure if this remark about turning HTML display off in an email is good or not. It certainly shows that our reviewer has a horrible Microsoft bias -- you're not (99.44% of the time; there were one or two javascript bugs in NS, I *think*) going to get anything malicious from opening html email in Netscape like you could in Outlook, which embeds IE's engine and its security holes. At the same time, this shows that 1.) Even MS sellouts understand on some level that IE has had (and may still have) serious problems and that 2.) Even techno-junkies are unwittingly arguing for plain text email.

To reduce your chances of getting hit by a virus [while using Netscape's email client], you can opt not to display HTML -- but the setting is global and applies to all messages in your in-box. Other clients let you do this on a per-message basis by clicking on a message body or header, a much better approach.

Of course the winner for irony is the following statement from the same review (reviewing NS 7.1):

... While this [problem with NS's search function] may seem like a minor problem, it's indicative of the program's need for revamping.

Heh. Hey, Netscape, whoever you are now, do you hear that? You need to do what you do best -- Toss it all out and start again!