For heaven's sake, take some responsibility, people. One thing that bothers me about my desk job is the complete lack of excercise. Heck, retail workers get a five-star workout compared to my typist duties. And no doubt marketing and market power is influencial and so are barriers to entry (witness what an icon for IE on desktops by default does for browser dominance. Heck, Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox has had superior features compared to IE for years other than desktop placement).

That said, I've had enough of the victim mindset and the, "I can't help but sit on my fat arse; the TV tells me to," crap like the below. Why don't people excercise in February? Because it's danged COLD, daggummit. I put off my every-other-day run for a day due to nasty weather. It's just not fun today.

Anyhow, here's the quote:

To Sallis, it's not just lack of will that keeps people from following through on their New Year's resolutions to exercise; it's because the exercise game is fixed.

'From TVs and movies to cars, huge industries don't make money when you exercise, and they push things that make you sedentary,' said Sallis. 'The Super Bowl is a case study in this.'

Yeah, there are no ads nor huge companies that want you buying shoes, shorts, sweats, swimsuits, balls, gloves, pads, or skates. And the car companies, they don't want you travelling much either. Yeah, they want you sitting around typing too. Nor does society put any value whatsoever on looking thin; it wants you to have a fat arse sitting on a phat sofa too (though you might argue they like you yo-yo'ing so that you have to buy two sets of clothes, perhaps). ARGH. Idiots.

And no, other than the fact that most programmers spend entirely too much time on their butt not moving and a few tenuous parallels from the hacker world, I've pretty much broken my rule of confining the topics here to comptuer science with this post. Shaddup and go run.