Boy, now even live stat updating for games (in this case, I'm trying to get ACC tourney scores) at is a pay-to-play feature. It wasn't but a few years ago that listening to games' radio broadcast team was free. Luckily I've got a radio I purchased from Radio Shack for $10 about six years ago that picks up TV broadcasts as well, and have found a station carrying the game.

The worst thing about digital transmits versus radio/TV broadcasts is the fact that now they've got us -- there's no more one-way (and that one-way was, of course, out, and to us) only stuff being released. And I think even the pay-to-play services are capitalizing on the fact that we're used to commercials, which means we're getting bitten twice, the same way cable seems to do now but, iirc, didn't so much when it was still novel (ie, you paid for cable and there were relatively few, if any on some stations, commercials).