A number of tools recognize the keyword "TODO". VIm sometimes highlights TODO in yellow. VS.NET allows you to show TODO's in your "Task List" (right click the task list, select "Show Tasks", and select "Comments" or "All") like so...

D:\Projects\County of Name Changed, XX\Project Name\FrmName.vb(111): TODO: Finish comments.

I've talked about it before, and you still owe it to yourself and others to add TODO's in many many cases. Knowingly using a kludge for some reason? TODO it. Skimping on data QA? TODO. See something that you're thinking about now but might not remember to scrawl down later? TODO!

The best code is finished code. The next best code has inline comments on what's left to be done. Use an informal standard and TODO your code. Please. I might have to use it later.