As I've mentioned before, I've been using James Gosling's weekend hack for a news aggregator for the last few days. It's nice, and most importantly comes out of the box subscribed to most of the feeds I'm interested in reading anyhow.

Working from home today, which means I'm not on my recently configured box at work nor my OS X box at home -- I'm on the home XP laptop (soon to be 2k so that I've got IIS again). Turns out I've got Java build 1.3.1_06-b01 on this box, and that's not recent enough to run Gosling's hack.

Why is this as blog-worthy as my other rants? Well, even if you ignore my apparent threshold for blogging worthless bytes, what I find interesting is that Gosling not only uses deprecated methods (which I found out when I took a look at the code on the Mac several days back), but he also requires a 1.4 virtual machine, essentially the latest out there. That is to say, he's all over the place, using objects let's say 50% of the VMs out there don't support as well as using objects that Sun's warned us for years now may be going away (though, afaik, nothing important really has yet).

If this is the kind of coding we get out of the "father of Java", weekend hack or no, well, there's hope for the rest of us yet.