Though it's not computer science nor appliction, this story at the BBC on genetically modified corn is an example of awfully obvious yet awfully sound logic:

In the US and some other nations, Bt maize [that is resistant to certain bugs because of lethal-to-bugs toxins bred into its stalk] has to be grown alongside so-called 'refuges' of conventional varieties - a strategy aimed at preventing the insects from becoming resistant to Bt.


Anyhow, this is the sort of logic I'd hope someone you've got working with you to understand immediately after reading the quote above.

Quickly, wrt the issue they raise of having the Bt gene contaminate the surrounding refuge corn without the modification, is that really a big deal? Rather than a quantum leap from genetically modified to genetically unmodified you've got a spectrum. I seriously doubt they thought that the insects weren't going to mutate at all; the goal was to minimize it. I have to imagine these findings hardly undercut that goal.

The new concept is simply to ensure that your "spectrum space" between 99.44% genetically unmodified and the Bt maize is minimized. WOW. CRAZY SCIENCE GOING ON THERE!