This story brings up something I've believed for a while:

Citing privacy worries, Californian senators have approved a bill that limits Google's plans to scan messages and include ads based on what it finds.

There will come a time when American citizens are comforted and expect advertisers to make decisions based on this sort of information. There will come a time where citizens are upset if the local government, state highway patrol, perhaps even the feds, don't know exactly where they and each member of their family is at any moment (except maybe "technophob grandpa" who refuses to participate -- yes, that's you, today's computer programmer).

And so yes, I also feel that time will come during the lives of, if not our children, then certainly their children. We're just beginning to find the importance and benefit of giving up privacies like our location. Once new people without our tired biases enter the world, they'll not only see the benefits, they won't see the same privacy issues we do today. "OnStar" won't just be in our cars; it'll be on us.