You might recall when I spoke about JDIC ("JDesktop Integration Compoenents") a while back. It appeared to be Sun's shot back at SWT, and a way to finally include a robust browser component in your Java desktop apps via native methods. Of course, there are some pretty major weaknesses, as written in the JDIC FAQ:

Q. Will there be a port to Mac?
A. JDIC currently doesn't support Mac. That's a gap waiting to be closed. We'd very much welcome any volunteers or effort to port JDIC to Mac.

This echos two statements of mine you've seen here with some regularity. One, the Mac is a second-tier Java platform. Sun leaves it up to Apple to port the JVM, and things lag. Examples include everythying from Java 2 to Java 3D to JDIC. Second, patches like this are ugly return fires at SWT. Sun might be better off dumping Swing development (it's failed, folks, at least as originally conceived. Rather, it's succeeded in the goal, but there's very little market as implemented) and throwing some of those resources into SWT and SWT/Swing/AWT integration.