P2P net iMesh falls in line with RIAA | The Register:

iMesh will now seek to create a P2P environment in which users can share songs legally - and that means paying for them. 'It allows us the opportunity to migrate to a business model that will continue to provide users with the P2P experience that they have come to expect from iMesh,' company COO Ofer Shabtai said in a statement.

Hardly a new approach - UK digital music provider Wippit has been doing this for ages, using song identification technology to ensure that the songs its subscribers are sharing are ones it is licensed to allow them to share.

Now that's a slant I hadn't heard. Use p2p to sell songs -- decentralize what the iTunes Music Store does, in effect. Interesting idea. I do wonder when the net's going to be a lot of peers running around in a wildly distributed computing environment as we peel away from a server/client set up for the net.