If you haven't been recommending the Firefox browser to your non-geeked out friends yet, do it now. I grabbed the latest preview release of 1.0 last night and am glad I did. It's a little slow on the draw compared to 0.8, which I was using (if it ain't broke, etc) and many of the keyboard/menu shortcuts have changed since that version, but, most importantly it's pretty end-user friendly now. There are very clear remarks about blocking pop-ups, etc, that even an IE lover could understand.

Anyhow, let your Windows-using family know -- there's a new, better, easy-to-use, more secure browser out there, waiting on them. And with type ahead find (combined with this hack on Mac for extra keyboard accessibility), tabs, ad blocks, etc, it's a no-brainer. This is the best browser out there if you have the processor to power it.