This could be a very good idea for the geeky --

LDBC (Liberty Data Base Connectivity) is a JDBC driver that provides vendor-independent database access. With LDBC, your application will just work on all major databases and you don't have to change any source code. LDBC is based on ANSI-SQL and JDBC.

Right now, when you move from one JDBC'd rdbms to another, you often have to tweak the crud outta your SQL. T-SQL and PL/SQL, believe it or not, do not *exactly* support ANSI SQL. Rather, there are things (autoincrement id fields, functions, bracket use, etc) that are implemented differently.

If there was a lib that allowed you to keep the same SQL (and perhaps supported a bit past ANSI) and truly just change what dbms you're pointing to, well, now that would be nice. Say in my new hsql friendly apps -- I build against hsql for those without rdbms-es on their box, but if someone wants to hook up to an enterprise dbms *poof*, with this the user/admin is a checkbox and a URL away from doing just that.

Very pie in the sky. :^)