The wacky rumor of an Apple buyout by IBM isn't really all that wacky. Everyone knows IBM makes the G5 and that Apple's been trying like mad, especially with the VaTech supercomputer, to put Apple into the enterprise. But also recall that Apple recently split into two main groups -- one with the computer hardware and one distinctly for iPods & the like. Could it be that Apple's going to keep the iPod and get into the consumer "xbox" ("x" as in "variable" for whatever, but not the MS gaming console) biz? Perhaps they'll just sell off the PowerMac line. Who knows? But Apple is one place where the hardware sells for a high enough premium for IBM stockholders to be happy.

The only issue if Apple splits is that one of the reasons the iPod works so well is that it got a chance to get the kinks out on the homogeneous environment that is the Mac using world. The full control over hardware, OS, and "xbox" is a large part of what makes Apple successful.

So it makes sense, but as an Apple stockholder, I still don't think I want the wacky rumors coming true just yet.