In case doesn't deem it worthy, here it is, for free, to all of you freakname regulars (so anyone who's been here more than once -- which likely means me and one other guy, who luckily also uses a Mac):

Printing multiple images quickly in OS X
I'd scanned a number of pages into jpegs from a book, and was going crazy printing image by image in Preview. Heck, even Windows lets you right click selected files in its "Finder-equivalent" and Print. I had to be missing something.

Sure enough, I was. To print multiple files at once in OS X land, just open up terminal and use the lpr command, using a space between file names!

lpr img023.jpg img024.jpg img025.jpg img026.jpg

Couldn't be easier. Even scaled each jpeg to an 8.5"x11" sheet for me. Thanks heavens.