I've probably blogged this as a note-to-self already, but here it is again...

xhtmlrenderer: Flying Saucer: a 100% Java XHTML CSS renderer

Afaict, this is a sort of JEditorPane replacement that works just as poorly, but trades a relatively obsolete HTML 3.2 spec (that JEditorPane supports) with XHTML 1.0. Doesn't support everything you'd like, but apparently works fairly well.

I'm beginning to get interested in the JDesktop Integration Components project, though it does everything Java *shouldn't* and goes against my theorhetical preferrence for an updated AWT over SWT. Everything about it is platform specific, but the promise of a native browser xplat is pretty compelling. Problem is it's one more possible weak link in your apps, and a likely one at that. I can certainly see an update to XP changing the way IE works, killing JDIC in a way that JEditorPane wouldn't... thus my interest in the Flying Saucer bit.

Anyway, it's amazing that this far along in the life of Java we still don't have a good, xplat, reliable, relatively up-to-date html viewer as part of the jre.