Today I had a few files passed to me from a Windows user of type .wpd. Well, that's a suffix long since dead on the Mac, but I was able to dig up a copy of WordPerfect 3.5 Enhanced to run in Classic. Still, I wanted to get the resource forkless files to show the correct four-letter Mac type, and to do that I need ResEdit -- duh! Well, a quick search on my iMac showed me (the iBook doesn't even have Classic installed, to save space) I've not got ResEdit anywhere!

Anyhow, just had to come clean on that one. If you're a Mac programmer or oxymoronicly a 'power Mac user' like me and have been for any time, you'll know what I mean.

(And yes, you're right, to open a file in the app of your choice in OS X, you need only to Control-click it or -- more blasphemy -- right click it and "Open With", which is what I did while waiting for ResEdit to download.)