Hacknot - Beware The GUI Builder:

Of course, as long as there are uninformed managers with access to the company purse, GUI builders will continue to be sold on the basis of their novelty and unsubstantiated claims to productivity improvement.

That or Microsoft will help the economy make millions upon millions with VB6, which is, in large part, successful precisely because of the quality of its GUI builder.

Was also surprised to find this link from some of the links Gosling put into JNN; are we supposed to like Matisse or aren't we? What's with this throwback, machine language lover?

GUI builders are great. They have limitations. You may very well have to recode something to get functionality past a certain point. But GUI builders are just more tools for your box. Get to know how to use them, integrate them into your workflow efficiently, understand what they're doing and how to upgrade them, and you'll do alright. Trust me. ;^)