If a company wants to make a digital hub, they should stop trying to make it out of a console. Consoles change, computers change. What doesn't change? That I want a DVD player hooked up to my TV set.

What does that leave for the digital hub? Instead of each having a new [even a new spin on the] DVD drive, make one that lets the computer be the module. After a year or two, upgrade the computer portion with a new processor and larger hard drive or faster wireless or what have you. Keep some sort of low-end OS and processor with the DVD drive so you're always guaranteed some buy-in, but keep a good deal of space open in that box for major hardware.

I'd rather replace a portion of my PS2 that remove it and have to junk it, even if that's essentially what I'm doing when I upgrade the modular cpu & friends. I like my set-up, let me keep it. Then start changing yours.