Just because it's so easy to dupe bytes, here's my quick review of MSI's ATI Xpress chipset mobo (executative summary: I like it):

MSI RS480M2-IL Socket 939 ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

After having used the board about a month, I'm afraid I won't be able to stop myself from writing a rave review. It's a perfect entry-level board that doesn't compromise when it comes to upgrade options down the road. You've got a PCI Express slot for video, dual channel RAM support, and socket 939 for as fast an Athlon as your money will buy. Online reviews to the contrary, I've been able to play recently released games extremely well for having integrated video, from World of Warcraft to GTA:SA.

Biggest issue for me and my single 512 meg RAM stick is that the shared memory for video loses me from 32 to 64 megs of sys mem. GTA:SA wants at least 64 megs for the video card, which takes 12.5% of my sys mem away. In WoW, that's bad news. A good plane jane PCI video card -- or more memory; it'll hold 4 gigs -- would be enough to remedy this, however.

The board doesn't post without a processor and RAM, which makes testing a bit more tedious. You can't run the board bare to check for component issues.

There's a connector for COM port support, which is great for my Palm cradle, but the ribbon for attaching the COM port on the mobo to the back of your case is so short that it cuts right across the PCI Express slot. It might be a pain once I get a dedicated video card. Nor does it reach below the ATX board, so a COM port means I lose a PCI slot on my case as well. A pain when you've only got three PCIs.

Only other complaint is the lack of onboard gigabit ethernet, which some other socket 939 boards have. Not a big deal, as my router doesn't support it, but a consideration.

So even for a recreational gamer, this is a good entry board that allows you to get decked out as you get the dough, but still get your feet wet today.