Why is it that IT hackers continue to let emergencies on managers' part continue to constitute necessities on theirs? From a job description for a VB web hacker:

Individual must be dynamic and willing to accept change with a tough exterior to deal with tight deadlines.

"Tough exterior"? I don't want to know what that's euphemizing.

I've had the opportunity to manage a few software development projects and -- get this -- you can largely shield coders from the pressure of last minute deadlines through careful scoping, specification documents, and communication with your customer(s) up front. When your planning fails and you have to scramble to make up for trouble, you apologize. If it happens enough that this sort of language, even worse than the typical "must be able to multitask" or "must enjoy juggling", appears, well, the company has a more serious problem than its ability to hire good code jockeys.