I've seen some posts wondering if Windows will run on the new MacBook with x86 processor, and some have mentioned that they think that the MacBook's not having a BIOS (no idea if that's true, but I'll stipulate for now ;^D) might be a problem.

I've got one word for youse guys: BootX

If you've got access to a computer with a nice, mature OS with direct access to the hardware, I bet somebody, somewhere has the knowledge to put whatever 0s and 1s you need where you need them for whatever it is you'll need to be doing. Now unless there's something about the BIOS that needs to be checked consistently, and it's my understanding that the BIOS isn't all that important after booting, which I might add is an admittedly naive understanding of BIOSes, you should be able to use Mac OS X as a host OS to set the table for your Windows boot, much as BootX did with Mac OS 9- for Linux.

Anyhow, if you build it, the OSes will come, Shoeless Joe and all.