From Mac Rumors:
Another tidbits revealed to resellers, AppleWorks no longer comes with the iMac with no plans of a universal version.

Hrm. I know Apple offers Pages now, but I got the feeling Pages was more layout manager than word processor. TextEdit opens MS Word docs now, but it really isn't a program that makes me want to write a 10+ page paper. I wonder if this isn't a concession to MS for keeping Office on Mac for five more years -- though I have a hard time believing that would be the case.

If I had to guess, I suppose it's that Apple bought ClarisWorks, made it AppleWorks for X by Carbonizing, and doesn't think it's worth the rewrite into Intel Mac-land. Hrm again. Makes me wonder about the wisdom of the Intel move if your in-house apps aren't worth the trouble of transition. Perhaps Pages is better than I give it credit for being.