After looking up the NVu site for the last post, I stumbled on a "portable app" project whose goal is to give you open source apps repackaged so that no installation (dll registering, profile creating on each computer, etc) is necessary. Here are some of the "advantages".

What is a portable app? |
Consider the Convenience...
Have your favorite websites handy to recommend to a friend or colleague
Have your presentation AND the required software ready to go for that big meeting
Have your password with you if you want to bank online while traveling
Have utilities handy when visiting family or friends that are having PC problems.

This is a Very Good Idea in Theory, At Least. I get awfully tired of carrying my laptop freakin EVERYWHERE to ensure I have all my recent emails, lesson plans, applications, etc. Abstract your profile to your USB drive! Though the size limitations of a jump drive are fairly prohibitive, it does seem like it could eventually be a more feasible idea than the .Mac/Google approach.