I've wanted to use my Mac to burn VCDs for a while, but never enough to shell out for Roxio's Toast. I was suspicious there were command-line applications that would do the trick on OS X, yet I was never able to stumble over the right ones.

Welp, finally there's an app that takes all the searching out and can almost literally take you from a .mov file to a VCD with about two clicks, MMT-EZ. Here's its own description:

MMT-EZ is an easy and complete solution to take your iMovie project to DVD or VideoCD. It does not claim to compete with professional applications, but hey for FREE, all the basic features are there, from encoding to burning.

Quite accurate. The only glitch I had the first time I tried was that I didn't load up the drive with a blank disc before starting. The second time through, I inserted a disc and, when I came back several hours later (not sure how long it took), the VCD was half-way out of the drive, waiting on me. Neat stuff. No (well, few) frills, but it sure saves a lot of Google time.