Been wondering where to grab a Java virtual machine for a Mac running OS 7.5? Well, duh, yeah!

Here's the answer:
MRJ 1.5.1 from


Glad I could clear that up for everyone.

There are apparently some real issues with MRJ 1.5.1, and I think Swing is a little wonky. If you can run on OS 8+ with MRJ 2.0 -- a nearly complete, ground-up rewrite of MRJ by all reports -- by all means do. But it's nice to know you can count on a 1.1.x JRE all the way back to OS 7.5.

In other news, someone on the Powerbooks mailing list pointed out a place that still hosts Em@iler 1.1. I believe 1.1 was what I ran on my LC and Powerbook 150, and I still remember it, rightfully or not, as the best email client I've ever used for an extended period of time. I'm going to try and retry it on my StarMax later and see how far off my memory is these days.