Well, I've been out of the loop. Was looking at a Madden editor that does pretty much everything I wanted to make in a similar app for Madden 2000 years ago[1], and noticed that not only was it created in C#, but that it said you should grab a copy of Visual Studio Express: Visual C# 2005 Express Edition. What is this free IDE, anyhow?

A great combination of power and productivity for the Windows developer.

Hrm, well, perhaps not the most informative description, but the above link gives more. Certainly seems aimed at SharpDevelop, and fills in the niche nicely that the free VB.NET IDE givaway about two and a half years ago filled.

In any event, I'm downloading the .NET 2.0 runtime now and hope to see if it's worth a rip later. Then off to some GPL'd Madden app code. Wonder why the fellow isn't selling it?

[1] For some reason, I feel compelled to say that I did write a proof of concept app that picked apart rosters and showed attribute scores for 2k, but never wrote it into something more than a viewer where if I edited the values with a hex editor, things changed. I really should finish it, as it doesn't look like another MacMadden is coming out soon. Wish they'd update the application to run as a Universal bin on X.