Another app added to my CRAZY UTILITIES GIVEN "AS-IS"; USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! page. This time, a crappy util to help me automate OCR-ing scans. I call it... the OCRAutomator!

Description stolen from my Wack Apps page verbatim, misspellings and all. The app is free and, as always, used only at the user's risk.

I OCR more scans than I'd like to recall, and I tend to do it using Abbyy Reader Sprint 5.0, the pack-in software that came with my scanner. Overall, the software does very well, but it's difficult to OCR more than one scanned image at a time, which is much more efficent imo than scanning using Sprint.

Luckily Abbyy Reader Sprint 5.0 has a 'hidden' (okay, I'll admit I didn't read the instructions) command-line interface. If you 'Sprint C:\file1.jpg C:\myFolder\anotherFile.jpg', Sprint will OCR each one into a file (rtf or txt) of your choosing. Very nice, and makes batching possible.

Unfortunately creating batch files is a pain for me, so I finally, after a few years, broke down and created a VB app that'll do it for me. Open the app, ensure the opening line points to Sprint.exe, select the files you want to scan (mouse required, I'm afraid), and let 'er rip.

Once again, enjoy AT YOUR OWN RISK. This application will likely wack anything important on your computer and transmit your credit card numbers to Tony Blair.

Not real sure why I singled out Tony there. Decent for a day's hack, though. ALL NEW CODE.