Now here's a plus for the new MacBooks I'd overlooked (from OSNews):

TH: Running Windows on the MacBook Pro is a breeze. It's not something I personally need, but the ability to run Windows (or Linux) natively or via Parallels is a welcome addition for anyone contemplating a switch.

No no, not running Windows. That I understand. I've been ignoring how useful that could be, and how I could trash my other computers if I upgraded the iBook. What I missed is that it'd be running Linux. Not just Linux, mind you, but x86 Linux with support out the wahzoo and all the apps you'd want precompiled. I've got Yellow Dog on my old iBook and mess with it occasionally, but it seems to lag a bit in performance and compatibility. If I wanted everything to be 10% more difficult, I'd use Mac OS, not Linux on PowerPC.

Luckily I've not got the budget for a new 'book, so I'm sticking with the iBook G4, but that is an awfully nice bit about the MacBooks I'd completely spaced on.