Welp, I'm losing again. Perhaps my email addresses have simply become popular enough now that I'm getting more spam, so the 1% that gets through represents a larger count now. I believe, though, that the junk filters of Mail.app & Entourage are no longer able to keep up. Not that it's difficult -- I believe I could regexp my way out of 80% of the new slip-throughs looking for variations on Cialis and sexual[ly].

I believe Thunderbird has an extension that will let me do that sort of thing, but I'm not quite yet annoyed enough to give up hope my current apps' filters will learn what's going on and put in the time to learn a new application. At this point, however, I'm starting to get ready to make a move somewhere.

(Of course the biting issue is that I'd rather learn how to *make* the filter than how to use another. I'm tired of getting fish and never the pole/net/whatever. If someone could get me six months of free time, I think I could make the perfect mail handler [for me, at least].)