Note to self:

While we lefties are bashing righties, it's not just an issue of dragging your hand through wet ink...

A left-handed nib is a nice try, but after several years of trying to use fountain pens, I've come to the conclusion that they just don't work right for lefties with our left-to-right writing system. Right-handed writers more or less pull the pen with them, with the nib pointing more to the left than the right. Left-handed writers have to push it, nib first, across the page, which always makes it feel to me like the nib is scratching across the page.

It's discrimination, I tell you! We should lobby to have Western lanuages written right to left--or just all move to Israel.

Of course Saudi Arabia or Syria would work just as well. Or perhaps the upshot is that Israel is really a Western nation, which could be a telling statement, if true.

Still, something worth remembering if you're buying a fountain pen for that special lefty. I couldn't figure out exactly what the fancy nib cut meant, and this explanation makes the most sense.

What does this have to do with computer science? Very little.