Unlike the recording biz, which watched its sales plummet due to downloads, the DVD business is still relatively healthy and remains a predictable source of profit for the studios.

Oh, so this is a good reason not to go with Apple and movies on the iTunes M/usic/ovie Store? Because most people don't have connections to the Net that make pirating full-quality movies a viable alternative, the movie execs decide that there's no good reason to start looking ahead to digital (ie, not using trucks) distribution?

Brilliant. As brilliant as the mythical ostrich with its head in the sand, or more realistic kitten with its head under the couch. It's not a problem, so no use fixing, I suppose? What ever happened to an ounce of prevention? Fine, don't use Apple, but get your head in the free and clear and get a new strategy.

I hate to say it, but Microsoft's DRM + monthy subscription seems a popular way to go, though I still find it humorous that once the DRM was cracked, crackers could download as much music as they wanted to crack with a single month's "rent," rather than have to still pay a buck per track. It's all about tipping points, people.

In any event, this "better to ask restitution than use foresight" approach is unforgivable. Not to mention that it's just plain bad business.

(We'll agree to ignore the use of the word "biz" in an otherwise fairly seriously written piece, I trust.)