I'm glad to see knowledge of "the universal analog interface" (aka, "the human") has finally reached "needless to say, though I'm saying it" status at /.

Slashdot | iPod Cracked, But Does it Matter?:

In principle it's impossible to prevent music from being copied anyway,
because a user can always play a song through an audio output jack and use
another device to record the sound; there are several other methods that
work by reducing the same principle to practice....

Of course what they miss is that you can, as a rule of thumb, assume you've lost half your market for each barrier to entry. In this case, the DRM-to-mp3 loving crowd seems to once again forget that for slashdotters, such things are trivial, but for J. Q. Public, putting the CD in a drive right-side up is often an insurmountable task.