Here's and interesting take on taxing "home theatres":

If you have a TV over 29' in size... and stereo sound from your videos, the MPAA wants the law to declare you a movie theater - and collect a $50 license fee to make up for all of those sales they lose when you have friends over to watch the latest DVD in your own home.

That assumes that you do have friends over to watch videos... And that mono sound should keep you below the radar no matter how big your TV or how many seats you have.

Heh. Yet another reason to appreciate my Tivoli Model One, I suppose (whose price has gone up at least a ten-spot in the last year. Sheesh). Seriously, my tube isn't nearly 29" right now either. I almost see the point, but the article, above, which goes into Apple's license feeds for "Made for iPod" and the Universal Music "tax" of a $1 per Zune, does a decent job of making me wonder if the blank cassette tax isn't getting out of hand. Let's face it, MS caves to Universal, who then threatens to take their toys from Apple's house and go home if Apple doesn't pony up. I hope Apple doesn't (can't imagine they will).

Still, if I can get out of the TV tax by hooking up my mono radio, I'm fine with it. :^)