Not but a short hour after posting that I don't need to fire up my StarMax short of the ImageWriter, Max reasserts his claim to dominance by holding an Applescript that I couldn't figure out how to rewrite in twenty minutes or less.

So out comes Max, and a power cable later the onboard 1 meg o' VRAM is putting out to a spare monitor cable from the KVM switch and I've got my Microsoft Natural keyboard plugged in via Max' PS/2 port (show-off).

In an attempt not to lose this again, here is the magic Applescript that I figured out how to write one day, which takes resource forkless files, say Java files, from, say, my Windows 2k box, and turns them into file type TEXT with creator CWIE, aka CodeWarrior.

on open dropped_files
     tell application "Finder"
          repeat with a_file in dropped_files
               set file type of a_file to "TEXT"
               set creator type of a_file to "CWIE"
          end repeat
     end tell
     display dialog "Done"
end open