I thought this portion of the PayPal user agreement was particularly interesting. I'm not sure if meeting these criteria garner you an additional badge/icon on your sales (like the "PowerSeller" star), but even if so it's an interesting distinction to bury in your agreement.

Essentially, if you've got a high enough score, your customers gain much more protection for their purchases... an order of magnitude more.

13.9 eBay Items Eligible for PayPal Buyer Protection. Every item on eBay (except Live Auctions and vehicles) that meets the above requirements is eligible for PayPal Buyer Protection up to $200.00 USD, but items are only eligible for PayPal Buyer Protection up to $2,000.00 USD (and should be identified as eligible items in the eBay listing) if:

a. The seller's eBay feedback rating is at least 50; at least 98% of the seller's eBay feedback is positive, the seller is a PayPal User from an eligible country, the seller has a Verified Premier or Verified Business Account in good standing; and

b. The listing was on an eligible eBay site (eBay.com and certain other eBay sites self identified as such) and PayPal is listed as an acceptable payment method.
(emphasis mine)

I was eyeing a Nintento DS on a site with 97.5% positive. The thing is pretty cheap anyhow, and won't get near the $200 limit, but there were regular enough negatives on this seller to at least see what PayPal and eBay were pushing for protection.

And I'm 13 positives away from getting my customers the $2000 protection. *sigh* Sorry folk.