Netbeans recently released a vi module for their IDE. Naturally I'll be checking it out to see if I can't slap it into some of my apps. More interesting for most, though, is how Netbeans pitches the benefits of vi...

Combine your vi skills with an IDE like NetBeans and you get a true killer app. Yes, the learning curve for vi is steep. But we are not suggesting you should start learning vi. We are suggesting that developers who already know vi should be enabled to continue using it. Just like developers who are used to Emacs or Eclipse have the option of leveraging their existing knowledge of those keybindings.

Emph mine, of course.

Why not recommend vi? I held out for about a decade, but have a hard time imagining editing html (esp. with embedded php or ASP) without it. Perhaps Emacs rox0rz more, and Netbeans has apparently had those key bindings in there a while, but vi does right well.

Also interesting on that page are the authors' favorite vi commands. Good stuff.