from Creative Guy:

For a limited time (meaning that once this article hits other peoples RSS feeds and picked up on other sites I think the promotion will probably end - but I hope I’m wrong), RealMac Software is offering MacUser readers a sweet deal - RapidWeaver 3.5.1 is yours absolutely FREE!

Okay, I get it. You give this all away for free via the "first hit of heroin" tactic and then, *wham!*, less than a month from then you release a pay-to-play update to go from 3.5 (that free version) to 3.6.

This breaks two rules, imo:
1.) Never let your previous customers feel they got ripped off. Ooops! Too late.
2.) Never, EVER, release a pay-to-play update where uses of, say, 3.x have to pay to go to 3.(x+1). This is confusing. If it's just an update, I'm due to get it, right? Look, I don't care how dumb it sounds, call it 4.0!

Thank you, goodnight.