From a discussion called <div align=" center" > replacement:

Sorry, I gave the advice for <div align=' center' >. The thing is, even though the attribute is deprecated, it is still widely supported. Probably even more so than the css equivalent which would be...


or the shorthand version...

div{margin:0 auto;width:740px;}

Except that nobody likes an absolute unit! Come on! Thanks Px2Em!!

Seriously though, this is getting crazy. What the freakin' heck is wrong with a center tag anyway? Incredibly well supported, and all this other muckity muck is just inserting center all over again. Align=center is deprecated, sure, but style="text-align:center" doesn't work with nearly the same reliability across browsers, etc. It might be "righter", but whatever happened to the concerns about the sighted browsers among us? Can't we get a tech where we'll all be happy? ;^)