I meant to post earlier, as I heard an interesting radio commercial today that linked sales of iPods to computer use and, at least implicitly, computer sales. They were selling computer help courses for pretty inept computer users, but it's enough to make me wonder if the iPod is selling computers to some degree.

If 95% of those computers purchased to complement iPods are Windows boxes, my question is why Apple doesn't support the other alt OS out there: Linux. Of the market which is people that now use a computer regularly to mess with their iPods, why not enable a niche of inexpensive x86 hardware that doesn't require a Windows license and respective donation to the Gatian coffers? Linux on the desktop hasn't caught on yet, though I'm increasingly wondering if appliance-type, Linux-powered boxes aren't just around the ever-proverbial corner. When and if Linux approaches a nontrivial market on the desktop, I'd think Apple would want to have iTunes there waiting on, even encouraging, it.