From iProng's "iPhone features you'll miss out on by buying an iPod touch":

Notes Not only is there no way to add a calendar event, there's no clear way to jot down random information of any kind. The iPhone's Notes application is missing, which combined with the lack of a Mail application means that the only way to jot down a few words for later use would be through the web.

And that's bad somehow? Gotta say, this iPod Touch sounds a lot like what I wished my Libretto 50CT or Nintendo DS with Opera would have been. Combine a mature Safari with Google's online Office replacement and you're onto something pretty nifty. Now if they'd just hook up a bluetooth mini-keyboard...

(Okay, if it had a keyboard and the Nike+iPod hookup the nano sports. Keep meaning to blog about the Nike+ setup, which I recently started using. It really is an incredible boon even for hobbyist runners like me. At $30 (assuming you have a nano and replace your shoes as often as you should), you should pretend that you can't afford not to get it.)