From a page at titled Apple - iPhone - iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store:

Sip. Buy. Repeat.

I'm sorry, a life that's made up of sipping woefully overpriced, corporate coffee cut only with buying whatever songs they're pushing onto you in the painfully contemporary drinking room, reiterated ad infinitum, is somehow seductive? Please, oh PUH-LEASE let me buy an iPhone or iPod Touch so I can hop on that action. I'm not against people trying to make a buck, bless their hearts, but when the marketing is as original as, "Buy. Buy more. You'll love it," I'm not impressed.

And yes, this from a guy who just blogged he really enjoys his Nike+iPod setup. This Wifi iTunes store crud is sorry. iTunes jumped the shark with the Mini Store that was turned on by default, but apparently nobody's yet noticed.