Here's another note to self of something I keep forgetting...

External video cards for Windows laptops with ExpressCard slots are
... the Asus XG Station
... and the MSI Luxium.

Neither have been released yet, dang it, though at least the Asus is well past it's initial release date. Really are neat pieces of hardware.

Speaking of, my Vostro doesn't have a dock interface, so I'm looking to use one from another neat set of hardware, the universal laptop dock. These things use a single USB port (talking about heavenly; I take this thing out a good deal, and hate it when I forget to reattach one of [select one or more] my external drive, scanner, and/or printer.) The universal docks also do video to a limited degree straight through USB 2.0. Cute.

Contenders are...
Kensington's options
-- With parallel port, no video
-- with video, no parallel port (vista driver here)

-- with video

The downside of 'em seems to be cruddy video, but, well, duh, it's through the USB port. I wonder how much performance suffers when you're pulling ethernet, video, and whatever disc I/O you need through a single port (guess I could do some mathes), but that seems awfully k3wl.

End notes to self for today.