I hate marketing-speak and the specific, but very popular business mentality that when things aren't roses you couch it in terms that make things sound like they are. That said, I'm still as impressed as heck with the sort of pounding the MacBU takes from comments on its Mac Team Blog. I mean, from the spot-checking I've done, people hate Office 2008, or at the very least, greatly prefer Office 2004. Reports have 2008 incredibly slow on PowerPC, hogging 90+% of the CPU. 2008 is apparently missing features compared to 2004, including Palm Sync. Others say it's just a GUI facelift.

Yet the MacBU keeps publishing positive posts, giving quick winks to the negative comments (like, "but for those of you who have been waiting patiently (or even not-so-patiently ;) for your copy of Office 2008 for Mac"), but without dwelling on them a bit. It's an impressive clinic in the ability for corporate-speak to bypass/ignore customer response. Nobody does it much better.