There are very few absolutes easily identifiable in everyday life, but Microsoft's bid to make cash (bless their hearts) is one of 'em. It doesn't matter what sort of front they believe they need to put on. If they think they need to do it to make a buck, it's done.

Check out this turnabout quote from Baller reported by Macworld UK:

Ballmer suggested that Apple might charge Microsoft [a 30/70 split] to get Silverlight on the iPhone, though there is so far no evidence to support this belief.

'It sure seems like they're trying to charge a whole lot more money for it,' he said. 'Maybe Apple isn't welcoming open and royalty-free runtimes on it.'

This is the guy that told Sun to put Java on Microsoft's back -- here meaning the old skool Microsoft embrace and extend, where Java would be able to do things on Windows it couldn't anywhere else -- and "ride baby, ride" or something similar? I mean, at least Apple tries to sell "cool" or "sexy", depending on your point of view. Google tries to "do no evil". What does Microsoft try to do again other than make cash?